Kitchen Cabinetry

Offering both built in and free standing units, your cabinetry from Watersong Custom Furniture will be completely yours from the ground up; allowing you to design a piece that truly suits both your needs and your space. Some customers find rather unique places for their cabinets, and I enjoy nothing more than to design and build a surprising and original piece.

Built-In Kitchen Cabinetry


The customer was frustrated with her small, cramped kitchen and commercial cabinet makers offered only pre-fab sizing that didn’t fit.

With custom cabinetry, this kitchen has a roll-out tray under the sink cabinet, double-length cutlery drawers, deep drawers for pots, and functional corner diagonal units.

This adds to the rooms openness and helps showcase her glass pieces. Doors and drawer faces are cut and mounted with a continuous grain pattern for continuity.

The use of hidden finger pulls makes solid oak wood easy to clean! With 4″ recessed kickplates, this chef can belly up to the counter for ergonomic cooking.


Done in white maple, this custom kitchen was done with finger pulls and hidden, euro hinges behind cabinet doors to keep the drawer and cabinet faces clean.


The angled cabinet allowed a smooth transition into the peninsula, which is open on both sides. The underfloor heating added to the clean overall look, as well as the happiness of the cats, as soon as they figured out the warmest stones to lay on.

Hickory kitchen

This kitchen remodel was completed in pecan/hickory. The “calico” effect (dark and light colors next to each other) is especially pronounced here, owing to the natural finish.

Hickory Spice Rack

The countertop height was 36″, and extending the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling afforded an 18″ gap between the lower and upper cabinets, also enabling a lot of extra storage space, by eliminating the typical dead space between the cabinet and ceiling. The handles were all recycled from the old kitchen, while the tile countertop and backsplash was all new.

Hickory Spice Rack

This custom spice rack is back-mounted on full-extension sliders, which utilized six inches of previously dead-space in the design, and saved a lot of counter space. The cabinet over the sink was left without doors to display a collection of objets d’art in colored glass.

Hickory trash can cabinet

This pull-out recycling center was built into the cabinetry to accommodate two bins, one for recyclables and one for trash. The hardware was manufactured by Rev-a-Shelf, which supports 150 pounds on steel, telescopic ball-bearing slides. The kitchen also features another Rev-a-Shelf product, a pull-out lazy Susan.

breakfast nook

This breakfast nook features hidden drawers beneath the bench, which anchored to the wall, and a triangular-base table. The weight of solid wood construction in the base of the table allowed the top the stability to resist tipping when pushed on from the bench area.

corner breakfast nook

The nook exists in a thoroughfare in the kitchen, necessitating the triangle design. The ergo-dynamic design (clipped corners on the bench and tabletop) allows easy maneuvering around the nook.

mini bar cabinet

This dry-bar was done in Maple, with Walnut drawer faces and backsplash. It is installed in a transitional area between the kitchen and den, and features a small utility closet for storing brooms, mops and ironing board.

mini bar cabinet

The base cabinet features an adjustable shelf with a bottom pull-out tray for easy access, and accommodate spill-over from the minimal kitchen storage.

Birch Kitchen

This kitchen remodel was done in Birch, to match some existing cabinets, save for using better hinge hardware. To accommodate air flow from an existing floor vent, the drawer stack on the right stops ten inches short of the floor. To allow for better traffic flow into and out of the kitchen, I cut an ergonomic 45° angle on the shelving.

Birch kitchen

The upper cabinet features both closed (for clutter) and open shelving (for display). The pulls on the cabinets match the existing set on the opposite wall.

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinetry


For painted projects, Poplar is the wood of choice – it’s inexpensive, yet a stable hardwood. This stone-blue kitchen hutch comes with adjustable shelves and a deeper base for added storage. The crown molding on top provides a decorative accent.

poplar hutch

Another example of a painted kitchen hutch. The glass framed panel doors were designed for the display of fine dishware.


A kitchen island with butcher block top, I used white maple drawer faces and a white melamine base to complement the existing kitchen cabinetry. The top lateral shallow drawer is for often used kitchen utensils while lower deep side drawers hold all the big, heavy cooking pots and pans. With the steel ball bearing telescopic drawer slides rated at 150lb, the cast iron roasting pots are no problem. The full extension feature allows easy removal and putting away, while the hidden finger pulls on the drawer faces eliminates the need for those nasty handles that catch and bump into everything.


Another kitchen island with butcher block top, the cabinet was done in poplar, primed and painted to match existing kitchen cabinets. The tall pullout was for a trash can, while the full width pullout stores cutlery. It also features a recessed base, to help stave off stubbed toes in the early mornings.


This kitchen cabinet and pantry pullout set are done in Oak with a Melamine surface for easy cleaning. The combination of drawers and door allow for easy access of extensive kitchen supplies. Notice the Euro-hinges accommodate the weight of Oak doors and allow for 120-degree angle opening.

Custom Round Oak Breakfast Table With Single Stem

The pull-out pantry is on wheels – can easily hold up to 400 pounds! For this particular project, I staggered the wheels to allow the pantry to glide over the grouted seams between the tiles, always riding the high point, and making the slide smooth and easy. On the back of the pantry is a mounted steel ball bearing slide to help with alignment. When closed, the front of the pantry is flush with the fridge.


This smaller version of a pantry shows the full – extension slide that holds the alignment of the cabinet mentioned above – and is worth a short story: the customers literally had an unexplained “hole in their wall” between the kitchen and dining room.

custom made liquor cabinet

This guy remembered his grandfather’s liquor cabinet and wanted me to recreate the memory as well as the function. Solid Oak with a special walnut stain and brass hardware add to the ageless yet antique look. The lift-lid and drop-down front are on piano hinges with adjustable dampeners, creating an ergo-dynamic dry bar. The tall base stores his liquor and Wedgwood collection of crystal.

Teal Recycling Center

This teal-washed solid Oak recycling center is on wheels with a tile top and was made to fit the decor of a stylish Bed and Breakfast in Corrales, NM. The owners hired the artist for the painting!

Recycling Center Hutch

This recycling center made out of Melamine with Oak trim has a three – bin capacity underneath the top door – which functions as a shelf. The bottom storage unit is for recycled newspapers.