Desks are an opportunity to personalize a study and beckon you to work. Desks can be light and lively or heavily laden with drawers for storage. Multiple materials can be used for the surface area. I use heavy duty steel-ball bearing slides for drawers and trays, and Euro hinges for cabinet doors.


Cherry Executive Desk

Who wouldn’t see themselves as the center in this solid Cherry executive desk? The customer wanted a clean and impressive half-circular desk. Three pedestal bases hold up the eight foot semicircular span.

Cherry Executive Desk

The recessed fascia underneath the surface was a soak-and-bend to match the radius of the top. Behind the circular desk, the 8-foot wall hutch includes a lower bank of drawers and top cabinets to contain all of his office needs.


This home office is made out of solid cherry. The customer enjoys the combination of the very large work surface, an eight foot span of the desk top, and the functional storage of her complimenting credenza and printer stand.


This customer choose to combine Sombraje style, stained willow an salt cedar sticks, on the skirt of the desk, tri fold panel to hide the printer, and bi-fold doors on the credenza to compliment a tradional look..

Custom Computer Desks


Wormy Maple Desk

This large T desk was done in wormy maple, to accommodate two workstations. The slatted cabinet is intended to allow airflow for the computers housed inside.

Wormy Maple Desk

After installation, this demonstrates the fold-down and pull-out keyboard tray for the left-hand workstation. The center of the T features four drawers, two for each side of the T, to complement the keyboard tray.

Wormy Maple Desk

The full-width keyboard tray on this side accommodates a docking station, as well as the keyboard and mouse, keeping things tidy on the desktop.

Alder stained as cherry corner desk

I made this corner desk in Alder with a dark cherry stain to match surrounding cabinetry. Corner units in residential settings often require custom sizing to make efficient use of space, and this is no exception. It is 5 feet on one side, and 4 feet to the hearth.

Alder stained as cherry corner desk

The shelves, though continuous in this picture, are on metal shelf standards, and are adjustable, including the corner unit in the middle. To help keep the room from being too dark, I left the desk open between the bottom of the shelves and the desktop.

Oak desk with melamine desktop

The features of this desk combine the elegance of Oak with the utilitarian surface of almond Melamine. In addition, the desk was designed to wrap around the corner, optimizing space. The baseball diamond shaped corner allows for equipment to be recessed while maintaining an open work space and writing area. The right elbow houses hard drive, printer, fax machine and scanner. The latter units are all on heavy-duty, full extension slide out trays for easy access and function.

Oak desk with melamine desktop

This desk features more of a built-in look, and was done in Oak with bright white melamine workspaces. The cabinets are lit from below, and the workspaces are backed in corkboard. The entire room is dedicated to the customer’s home business, and this entire wall is tied in together, from the bookshelf to the TV, and was built sectionally so that it would fit through the door to the room.

Horseshoe Desk

While having the same properties as the previous desk, this home office has a horse shoe configuration to fill three walls.

Natural Finish Maple Desk

This desk is done in Maple with a natural finish. This light-to-almost-white wood seemingly takes less space from the room. The right bank has locking file drawers, while the left side has storage for varying office supplies – for example, the drawer over the hard drive is designed for CD’s.

Students desk

The simplest desk I make is the student’s desk – two drawers underneath a four foot span of a top. The student’s desk is light, easy to move and does double duty as a regular table when the student leaves home.

Maple Students Desk

On a larger scale, the basic student desk can be lengthened and enlarged in design. This desk/table is done in Maple with water-based finish to keep the wood as light-to-white as possible.

Two drawer computer desk

With the two simple drawers on either side, you also get a drop face and pull-out tray to accommodate keyboard and mouse.

Computer Hutches


Oak Hutch

At first glance, this hutch made in solid Oak with a crown molding top has the appearance of an armoire. The raised panels construction of the door panels and side panels make it a solid looking piece of furniture.

Oak hutch opened up

When opened up, the front four doors slide into the cabinet and seemingly disappear for a open desk look. The drop face and pullout tray provide for keyboard, mouse and writing pad. Down below, equipment is stored on pullout trays for easy paper feed. The top inside hutch has two built-in lights on a dimmer switch to illuminate the work space. The hutch is complemented with a four-drawer filing cabinet for legal size hanging folders.

Antique Whitewash Hutch

For a contrast of finish, this is the same solid Oak, raised panel hutch with a crown molding top. The finish is an antique white wash – the six step process of the finish on this cabinet took as long as the construction of the unit itself.The bi-fold doors on this hutch fold out and allow for easy access to the desk inside.

Antique Whitewash Hutch

When closed up, the doors display the handsome and durable whitewash finish, instead of unsightly computer equipment.

Unique Desks



Thomas Jefferson is known for this design and would be happy with my execution – of the furniture! Placed in front of a pair of French doors, the light accentuates the open airiness of the base. The slanted writing surface lifts up for stationery supplies.


The customer worked with large blueprints and needed to view and store them. The total height of 34 inches on this rollout cabinet allows for a group of people to stand and review work. The two side leaves fold up and extend the surface area for a full eight foot surface area. On wheels, this Oak unit can be moved, either stored against the wall or brought out for a center work island.


The four foot full extension drawer allows for storage of rolled-up blueprints – not everyone would want such a specific unit but it’s a good example of me responding to a customer’s unique need.