A custom bed is a piece of furniture with even more advantages over its store bought counter part than most. With endless storage options and add-ons, and the ability to select your own most comfortable mattress height, there are a multitude of advantages to a custom bed.


Pedestal and Platform Beds


maple platform bed

Vertical grain of hard white maple lifts this platform queen-size bed off from the bamboo floor for a floating sensation. A clear acrylic finish adds to the whiteness and lightness of a solid built-in blanket box and night stands. Elliptical design, echoed in both a flat headboard and foot chest, both vertical and horizontal, give a zen balance.

tuscan kitchen table

Hidden finger-pulls on drawers and chest lid offer clean lines. The heavy 5/4 maple lid is compensated and connected by hydraulic lifts and a piano hinge for a quiet and full 90 degree functional opening.

Entryway Table

A bed with pedestal and no drawers allows for major recess of the pedestal base – leaving the frame and mattress to seemingly float on space. And no stubbing of the toes! This is an example in oak with a light natural finish.

Pecan Platform Bed

This platform bed for mattress only has a frame that’s half the height of the mattress. The shallow frame contains the mattress and ties in the plywood decking with the Hickory/Pecan pedestal.

Matching Pecan Dresser

This heartwood Hickory/Pecan with a natural finish has a soft look for a very hard wood. The matching nightstands, dresser and mirror all have the same quarter-edge round on all edges – ergo-dynamic, easy to live with.

Painted Knotty Pine platform bed

I built this platform bed for a client who wanted a “cloud” theme for the headboard and footboard. Unsure how to proceed, I stared at some clouds in Colorado for a while to get the idea. I made it in knotty pine, and finished it in a blue wash.

Painted Knotty Pine night stand

To complete the bedroom set, I built a pair of these matching nightstands. The openings are a custom touch, sized to suit my customer’s gadgets (remotes, books, etc). The backsplash matches the cloud motif of the bed.

Painted Poplar platform bed

This pedestal platform is made from Poplar – primed and painted with a flat head board. As a woodworker, I prefer not to paint over the beauty of the wood grain; however, this customer‘s request created a new look in a modern motif.

Platform Waterbed

Another example of the painted wood acquiring an oriental look is this waterbed with a very low pedestal. The white enamel paint on Poplar adds to the clean, discreet lines of the furniture. It’s a short fall to the floor – although think about standing up!!


Pedestal Beds with Drawers


I make four-drawer pedestals. Each drawer measures 30 by 20 by 9 inches deep. These trundle drawers are supported with a side mount steel ball-bearing slide, with a 100 pound capacity. Each drawer has a ¼ inch plywood bottom and again, is screwed and glued. King-size beds also offer a foot door for accessing center storage – skis, rifles, fishing poles. Cedar lined drawers are optional. More customers than not prefer drawers to dust bunnies.

platform bed with underbed storage drawers and cavity

This solid Sugar Pine bed features several unique storage solutions, some in the headboard, some in the sides of the pedestal, and one between the two sides. The door and cabinet faces feature finger-pulls instead of protruding hardware. For the two weeks working on this platform bed, the clear select Sugar Pine made my shop smell like the sugar cane fields of Cuba. ‘Not’ free and costing as much as Oak, this ‘knot’ free Sugar Pine is a pretty but soft wood and well suited for bedroom furniture!

platform bed with storage open

This shows all of the drawers and cabinets open. The central cavity runs the full length of the bed, and allows for storage of large/long items. As with most of my work, the drawers feature full-length ball bearing slides for smooth action and high capacity, and the cabinet doors are on hidden Euro-style hinges.

platform bed with underbed storage drawers

This 5-piece solid Oak bedroom suite with Sticknee handles is mission style. The four-panel head and foot board frames a waterbed mattress with a drawer pedestal beneath.

Platform bed with matched dresser

Notice the grain on the pedestal and dresser drawers. The side-by-side drawer faces are cut from the same board, giving a continuous grain – that’s my attention to detail and gift to the customer.

pedestal bed in Alder headboard

This pedestal bed features an Alder headboard with backing Cherry panels. It is stained in a deep, deep brown, and built in a sleigh-style, but without the typical footboard. This was a full bedroom set, with dresser and side tables.

pedestal bed in Alder with drawers

This shows the deep brown of the deep brown of the stain, and the drawers. These drawers are 32 inches deep, with 28 inch full extension slides. The side tables are 3 drawers also on full extension slides, with matching hardware to the bed.

pedestal bed in Alder headboard

To match the other pieces, this seven drawer dresser is done in Alder with the deep brown stain. The pieces all feature the same style, with feet and mouldings around the top and bottom, joined at the back to keep the visual flow of the piece.


The tallboy dresser matches the rest of the bedroom set, with flush drawer faces and overhanging top, and integrated backsplash. This isn’t quite up to standard tallboy height, but it also isn’t waist height like a typical dresser.

pedestal bed with attached nightstands

A customer in Scottsdale, AZ requested a platform bed to match his headboard and nightstands, with a large drawer at the foot of the bed for comforter storage. To meet his expectations, I designed a 3 section storage pedestal, with two drawers at the head (to open clear of the night stands), and the large drawer at the base. The three sections are assembled with overlay trim, to give a seamless effect to the pedestal.

Bunk Beds with drawers

The solid Alder bunk bed actually accommodates three mattresses, two in the frames, and one hidden in the trundle drawer. To ensure the longevity of the trundle feature against abuse by children, the bottom mattress is on wheels instead of a drawer slide.

Pedestal with tiered drawers

This bed has two tiers of drawers, the bottom for bulkier items at nine inch depth. Made of wormy Maple, it features my usual construction techniques of finger pulls and euro full-extension drawer slides for longevity. The two-tier construction raises the mattress height to twenty-eight inches.

Shoe drawer pullout

Another unique feature for this project is this two-tier pullout tray between the two banks of drawers. It rides on a thirty inch full extension slide, and features a slight slope from the edge to the center, keeping the shoes from sliding out and jamming the tray in place. To have room for a feature in the center between the drawer banks, the bed must be King size.


Beds With Legs


Maple Shaker Bed

This lovely four poster solid Maple bed with a Shaker style is supported by the actual four posts with slats beneath the box spring mattress. The tapered posts lend simple elegance and clean lines for a small room.

Maple bed with Legs

This four poster solid Maple bed with is also supported by the four posts with slats beneath the box spring mattress. The tapered posts are shorter than the previous example, topped by decorative turned pinnacles.

Zebra and Wenge wood platform bed

Another platform bed supported by legs was for a futon mattress. This is an example of using exotic woods – Zebra wood and Wenge – for the frame while using Ash for the slats and legs.

Ash platform bed

This bedroom suite in Ash includes a platform bed, supported by legs, for box spring and mattress, with head and foot boards to match. The varying pattern of the slats gives a unique, airy look – it lightens up the wood. Notice the matching swirl of the grain in both the headboard and footboard top rails. My selection of wood gave my customer something extra to appreciate – for that rainy Saturday she lolled about in bed!

Ash nightstands

The matching night stands have closed in fronts – it’s a drawer and door combination, useful to hiding personal clutter and giving a crisp line to the room. At the foot of the bed, an elegant receiving table highlights the natural finish of the Ash bedroom suite.

Alder slat bed

Another example of a slat bed done in Alder with head and foot rail accented in Walnut. Notice the alternating slat space for a different look.