We all have our priceless collections of items that need to be displayed. Get them out of the shoebox and enjoy them visually! A custom display case gives you the advantage of safeguarding and displaying your valuables in a way that fits both your unique items and your space.

Glass encased fronts ensure safety and minimize dusting. Hidden lighting creates a warm showcase, especially effective at night.

Cherry Display Case

Made in solid Cherry, this display case has a single, locking glass door to give a seamless view of these two pre-Civil War rifles. I used two Euro hinges with 165° opening for easy access when unlocked – this is a heavy wood-framed, glass door. The simple line of this display case enhances what’s inside.

5 gun cabinet

Also done in cherry, this case was sized at 36″x60″ to accommodate five rifles and ammunition boxes. On account of the customer’s 8500′ altitude, the front of the cabinet was made with UV-blocking glass to protect the rifles.

gun cabinet

This free-standing floor unit was built from rustic alder, with storage in the base for cleaning supplies and ammunition. To complete the rustic aesthetic, the hardware is done in black wrought iron. The upper three-panel cabinet has two glass doors and a fixed panel in the middle.


In contrast, this five-sided-front Oak Curio Cabinet combines almost all options that can be used – mirror backing, glass shelves and glass fronts. The abundant use of glass for viewing and minimal amount of wood frame gave me a unique challenge when building it. Structurally, the unit benefits from the bottom shoe – molding and top crown, capping the glass in-between.


The Mahogany top contrasts the faux painted wood frame and base. The paint was matched to the customer’s pre-purchased mirror. The glass shelves inside the cabinet has one recessed curio light to illuminate throughout. Shelves are adjustable. Hummels never looked so good!


Also done in solid Mahogany, this wall display houses unique uranium glass from Czechoslovakia. The top valance is wider to accommodate a black light that enhances the luminescence of the display items. All wall units are securely anchored to studs for safety and protection of the priceless items inside.


This unmatched tea-kettle collection is enjoyed from two rooms. Using 5/4 solid Oak, the unit spans a total of 10-feet and is anchored to a three – foot high room divider. Sliding glass doors on one side allow for access and minimize the use of hardware which could be a visual distraction to the collection.


This display case holds the customer’s fine china dishes in her dining room. The case is done in Alder with natural finish, and is custom sized to fill the space. I worked with the customer and her measurements to get the piece exactly the right size for the space.

Ronald McDonald House Curio Cabinet

The Ronald McDonald House ordered this curio cabinet to house donated dioramas. Constructed in Oak, this cabinet features a large, tempered glass front display panel that is screwed in place. Tempered glass is always a good idea in a display case, for safety reasons.

Ronald McDonald House Curio Cabinet

An alternate angle shows the recessed-panel construction of the sides. The shelves are double-ribbed, front and back, to support the weight of the models. Once the dioramas were complete and in place, I screwed the framed glass to the cabinet.


The water-based finish on this Maple cabinet helps keep the light to white hue of the original Maple – in other words, lessening the yellowing of Maple that eventually occurs with a solvent-based finish.The sheer span and weight of each shelf requires wood, not glass; however, the use of lighting under each shelf keeps it well lit. The center panel of glass is fixed while the side two front panels open for access. Because of the uneven surface of the brick floor, the cabinet is on adjustable tack glides.

custom display podium

This glass-enclosed, solid oak display podium accommodates a deer bust at a local John Deere dealership. To lend stability in a high-traffic environment, the pedestal base has some extra width, provided by the two moldings.